Beg & Barker

Our story

Gary, Missy and Tiger

At Beg & Barker, we want to help you say ‘thank you’ to your dog, thank you for all that you do with a reward that  is locally sourced and treated with the utmost respect by people who are passionate about protein. We’ve been creating clean meat snacks for adventurous dogs for years.

Our founder, Gary Moorcroft, is a fourth-generation meat trader from South Africa. At the age of 10, Gary had his first experience with air-dried meat on his uncle Bill’s farm where the day’s hunt was cut into suitable pieces of meat and hung along lines spun on the sun porch. The cool, dry, and gentle breeze of pure winter air created the perfect conditions for naturally drying meat. Once dried, Gary and his cousins enjoyed the meat right off the line and shared their snacks with the hunting dogs.

Gary has since brought his South African traditions to the United States and opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Carolina to create air-dried meat snacks for humans and their pets. Pictured above with The Quality Assurance Team.