Beg & Barker Chicken Chips

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At Beg & Barker, we want the best reward for your dog for more happiness to come. That’s why we make our treats in small batches in our own manufacturing facility in North Carolina, using human grade chicken that has been raised in the USA.
We prepare the chicken thighs using the time honored tradition of air-drying, which locks in all of the nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids and keeps your best friend’s snack free of preservatives and fillers.

Your dog will beg and bark for these high-protein chicken chips made from 100% chicken.

The resealable pouch keeps behavior rewards handy to use anytime, anywhere. Get your dog’s attention with our fun nutrient-dense, guilt-free training treats for dogs, or puppy treats for training on the go. No dog can resist the high protein quick snack of our all natural, premium dog chips.

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