Travel Cat Breakaway Collar

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Collars are essential, especially when your cat loves exploring. However, they can be dangerous if they get caught on something, putting your cat at risk of choking. That’s why we designed these collars with a quick-release feature to avoid any cases of collar troubles, to put your mind at ease!

The unique buckle design on our cat collars will automatically unsnap the moment force is applied to it. Whether it’s getting caught on a fence, a tree branch, or a furry friend’s teeth while playing, you can trust that your cat will be protected from getting choked.

With a fully adjustable length that can fit between 8 and 13 inches, this durable nylon cat collar can be worn by both small kittens and larger “big-boned” cats. Growing kitties can even wear this throughout their lifetime if properly handled!

Made of ultra-strong, machine washable nylon that’s built to last and comes with a metal D-ring on which to attach your cat’s special name tag.

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