RC Cool Comfort Harness

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The Cool Comfort Harness combines functionality as a fully adjustable and comfortable harness for a reliable, everyday solution, with the added benefit of evaporative cooling technology to help keep your dog's core body temperature regulated during hot weather. Time to chill out!

Explore the details

  • Easy step in design (not over the head) with four points of adjustability

  • Evaporative cooling technology helps keep pets comfortable in hot weather

  • Made from non-toxic materials, free from gel, eliminating risk of poisoning in case of chewing or ingestion

  • Multi-layer construction: external breathable air mesh & interior absorbent polyester fabric

  • Broad chest coverage to support cooling in key areas

  • Stays cool for approximately one hour (dependent on environmental conditions) & can be placed in refrigerator for extra cooling effect

  • Buckle closures

  • Rust-resistant aluminum alloy hardware

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