Metro Paws Poop Bags

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Why not make your pup's daily activity a little more stylish with our dog poop bags? Poopy Packs®, the founding product of Metro Paws®, is an essential part of your pup's daily routine. These degradable dog waste bags will come in handy for every walk, hike, beach day, and any outing.

  • Bags are ASTM 5511 compliant, degrading up to 25% in 30 days
  • Bags will NOT degrade until AFTER you use them.
  • Every box contains 8 rolls of waste bags.
  • Each roll has 20 ULTRA degradable bags, for a total of 160 bags per package.
  • Available in 5 different colorways, with 4 unique designs per colorway.
  • Rolls fit most standard dispensers.
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