Meowijuana Get Sprung Refillable Lady Bug Cat Toy

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After winter's dreariness, it's time to uplift kitties' spirits with sunshine and a good 'nip trip! And they need it bad! Enter Meowijuana – the one-stop-shop for all the feline indulgences! Our USA and Canada grown catnip is a feline favorite for a reason and it's got sparkling reviews from cats all over the world. Simply stuff a pinch of green Meowijuana goodness into the pocket on the side of this ladybug toy and watch as your furry feline Gets Sprung! Cats can't resist our premuim catnip and soft toys. You'll be hearing "This hits the SPOT!" from your kitty in no time! Brighten up your kitty's mood and add this fun toy to your cat's playtime for endless hours of entertainment and contentment!

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