Lix -The Elixir 2500mg

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Calling all multiple dogs, large dog, and other large animal homes! 

The Large Breed ELIXIR allows for easily dosing multiple pets, large dogs, and other larger animals.  The higher concentrated milligram  ELIXIR allows your to administer less product to reach an effective dose. 

The ELIXIR was formulated with even our pickiest friends in mind! Crafted with Pure Spectrum CBD Oil (CO2 Extracted), a custom cannabinoid blend and infused with Organic MCT (coconut) oil. This tincture is flavorless, odorless, and effective! Easy to give straight from the bottle and appealing to all our furry or not so furry friends.

Each package has an easy-to-follow dosing guide with a breakdown of milligrams to help you better evaluate your pet's needs and an effective dose. Along with the information on the box, you will also receive a dosing card with additional helpful dosing guidance and product information. 

Dosing with LIX is Simple. Easy. Effective.

*Please note color varies by batch and may take on a pinkish hue if exposed to heat or light. Change in color does NOT compromise effectiveness of product.

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