Ilan Oxford Cat Play Tunnel

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Play tunnels appeal to cats' natural instinct to hide in mysterious places; enclosed spaces offer security and shelter from predators while they stalk their prey. Some cats nap inside for warmth while nervous kitties can use it to escape from possible attention. Others just love sprinting through and playing 'hide and pounce' with their siblings or toys. We've built on the instinctual appeal by adding a crinkly center 'peep hole' which allows for multi-cat play and creates intriguing noise kitties can't resist. When the kitty is done hiding, sleeping, or playing, this lightweight cat tunnel for indoor cats collapses for easy storage. Suitable for pets up to 20 lbs.

  • cat play tunnel:Your cat can go from snoozing to playing! The enclosed tunnel space includes a dangling ball toy for your cat to swat and bat.
  • easy to store:Built with a soft microfiber and durable oxford nylon that is lightweight, collapsable, and portable.
  • built-in crinkle:Cats love a good crinkle toy. That's why we included crinkly paper into this cat tunnel for an added interactive element.
  • soft & durable:A cat tunnel soft enough for resting in and durable enough to withstand a multiple cat household.
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