Fabdog Floaties

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Duck: If it looks like a duck and it squeaks like a duck, it’s definitely our duck floatie! Made for fun in the water or on the shore, this lucky duck is made from neoprene and recycled materials, and sports a hole in center for easy grabbing.

Frog: Your pup will have a toad-ally good time in the water with our frog floatie! With a durable neoprene body, plus rope legs made from recycled material, this squeaky amphibian is equally at home on land or at sea.

Lobster: We can’t wait for pups to get their paws on these claws! With a durable neoprene body, and rope legs made recycled materials, our lobster floatie is just what your pup needs for some fun in the sun. Filled with a squeaker, this versatile toy is meant for play on surf or turf.

Turtle: The most fun your pup can have in the water! Constructed of durable neoprene and with a tail made from recycled materials, our turtle floatie guarantees a splashing good time for your pup when the weather is warm. Just like a turtle, this floatie is at its best in the water, but it’s versatile enough to spend plenty of time on dry land.

Squid: A towel, sunscreen, and your pup’s favorite floatie are all you both need for some fun in the sun! Created for water play, our squid floatie has (a few) legs up on the competition for your dog’s attention, thanks to a durable neoprene exterior, a squeaker inside, and a rope constructed of recycled materials for easy grabbing and throwing.

Whale: Your pup will have a whale of a good time with this neoprene floatie! Designed for water play, but just as much fun on dry land, our squeaky whale floatie is made from durable neoprene, and sports a rope made from recycled materials.

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