Dazzling Timeless Treasures Post Earrings 2234

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Size of Post Earring: 1/2" tall X 1/2" wide

A dog's paws leave prints on your soul that never fades. A constant companion, a smiling friend, a dog's love is unconditional and boundless. From the cheerful face that greets you in the morning to the wagging tail that awaits you in the evening, a dog's devotion never falters or never dims. So what better ways to honor your furry friend’s loyalty than with a dog paw charm. Our carefully crafted sterling silver paw print earrings symbolize the lasting impression of your faithful pup's paw on your heart.

These irresistible paw earrings, oxidized so the paw pad and toe paws are antiqued, are a must-have keepsake for dog lovers. Designed to be worn alone or with other pieces in our paw print jewelry collection, our dog paw earrings feature delicate beads on the outer end, shiny silver in the high points and black in the low groove points. Fitting tributes to your trusted partner, the post paw print earrings are a lasting reminder of your enduring love for your dog.

  • Paw print earring design are elegant and can be worn every day
  • Made from Recycled Sterling Silver and marked .925.
  • 100% handmade in the USA.
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