Ostrich Raw Frozen Bones 1lb

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Pure, raw, meaty bones your dog will love.  Bone cuts vary and generally include nutritious marrow and attached raw meat and chewy tendons.  

Humanely raised: fed a vegetarian diet of the highest quality feeds; no hormones or antibiotics 
All-American: Born, raised, humanely harvested, and packaged on our solar-energy-powered, environmentally sustainable farm outside Boise, Idaho

FEEDING: Keep frozen until feeding and always monitor pet.  Consult a vet for appropriateness, but take heart that this is what dogs' teeth, gums, and digestive systems are designed to eat! 

An important difference between ostrich and beef/bison bones is that ostrich bones are significantly softer because ostriches don't carry around anywhere near as much weight.  As such, ostrich bones are soft enough to be completely and safely devoured by a large dog and are much less likely to cause excessive wear to pets teeth as do other bones.  Smaller pets, while probably unable to devour the entire bone, are also likely to have a safer experience.

SAFE HANDLING: Raw bones are covered in raw meat & marrow, so remember to treat them appropriately.

WHY OSTRICH?  It's the most sustainable red meat protein in the world.  Pound for pound, ostrich production requires dramatically less water, land, and feed and they emit only a fraction of the greenhouse gases as traditional livestock.  Pet foods are just one of many premium products from this amazing animal - we don't waste ANYTHING!

While delicious, this is a wholesome food for pets and not labeled to be made into bone broth or for any other type of human consumption ;)

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