Ostrich Freeze-Dried Treats 2.5oz

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A wholesome treat for pets: OSTRICH TREATS by American Ostrich Farms
Single ingredient: 100% Idaho-raised ostrich heart, liver, & gizzard.  No preservative, no fillers.  That's it!
Humanely raised: No hormones or antibiotics EVER and a vegetarian diet of the highest quality foods
All-American: Born, raised, harvested, and packaged in Ada County, Idaho

WHY OSTRICH?  It's the most sustainable red meat protein in the world.  Pound for pound, ostrich production requires dramatically less water, land, and feed and they emit only a fraction of the greenhouse gases as traditional livestock.  Pet treats are just one of many premium products from this amazing animal - we don't waste ANYTHING.

2.5 oz packages.  While delicious, this is a wholesome food for pets and not labeled or intended for human consumption ;)

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