Idahound Lamb Bone - Large

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Bone types: sheep tail, sheep neck, sheep pelvis

For carnivores, large raw meaty bones are a primary source of calcium. Other benefits include natural oral hygiene and supplemental nutrition through consumption of bone marrow. Canines, wild and domesticated, have always chewed on bones. 

Idahound’s large raw meaty bones are an excellent way to provide your dog with natural dental care. Functioning as both toothbrush and floss, raw bones effectively fight plaque and reduce the likelihood of gum disease. Needless to say, bone chewing is also a wonderfully stimulating activity for dogs. Intended for consumption and recreation, RMBs are a wise and multi-faceted addition to any dog’s raw diet.


Like all of Idahound’s products, our raw meaty bones come from Idaho grass-fed animals that we butcher, process, and package in Carey, Idaho.

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