OC Raw Dog


The Story Behind OC Raw Dog

OC Raw Dog is a family owned business born from a personal mission of making the best possible nutritious natural food for our dogs for a reasonable cost.  We believe in Simple basics.  We are passionate dog enthusiast who had a few litters a year out of love for our rare breed of miniature English bulldogs and Spanish Mastiffs.  Although no longer breeding, our local customer base grew out of demand from our puppy owners, their friends and family, and word of mouth.  Our humble beginnings were family grind fests on the driveway to now manufacturing the food in a commercial kitchen certified and inspected by the CA Department of Food and Agriculture.

Our experience with dogs drove the formulations to have a purpose, more than a balanced and complete diet.  Each formulation has the foundation fruits and vegetables of carrots, apples broccoli, spinach, acorn squash, beets, parsley, and blueberries to meet the nutritional guidelines set by AAFCO, they are in consistent ratios to allow for easy transition between the formulations.  The lamb is the densest calorically and designed to put good healthy weight on relatively fast when fed 3% of body weight.  The Turkey & Produce contains the highest protein and lowest fat to build good strong lean muscle mass on athletic dogs both young and old.   For more details on each formulations designed purpose please call or email anytime.

We are true believers of rotation and variety.  By rotating the formulations you create a more balanced diet and minimize the risk of developing an allergy.