Here’s where you find out who this is that we keep talking about. We are a group of pet lovers with our own pet retail stores called Centinela Feed and Pet in Los Angeles. We’ve always carried the healthiest, holistic pet foods on the market. But time and time again, we were disheartened when manufacturers decided to sell their companies to large multi-national conglomerates or private equity firms only to change their formulas, ingredients or the way the food is made, increase prices, reduce the weight of the bag or place the brands in the big box stores.

When one of Centinela Feed’s top-selling brands stopped baking their food and converted to extrusion (the way most ordinary pet foods are made), we knew it was time to do something.

In February of 2011 we opened our very own micro-cannery in California to make our grain-free stews for dogs and pates for cats. All of these are made in small batches without the use of processing aids like Carrageenan, Guar Gum or Xanthan Gum.

We operate under the assumption that caring pet owners treat their pets like they’d want to be treated. That’s why we’re committed to continuing to provide them with a high-quality, healthy alternative to mechanically extruded pet food, that makes their best friend happy every day. No compromises.
We hope your best friend loves eating Lotus as much as we love making it.