OUR HISTORY: Where Tradition Met Innovation

You’ll Find Tradition at the heart of our company.

This year marks our 10th Anniversary! We are proud to have served our pet community and we know that achievement and success aren’t by accident. Breakthroughs come after spending what seems like hours of hard work and trying new ideas, and thanks to you, we’ve become leaders in our industry.

Our values and principles are about keeping our Himalayan traditions through innovation. In addition to creating a world class dog chew, our company had redefined the entire “Chew” category in the pet industry!


THimalayan Pet Supply began in 2003 with two brothers, a friend and his dog, Kaos. Kaos discovered ‘churpi’ and he loved it!

We spent the next four years re-engineering the people-grade cheese to make it lactose free and safe for dogs. In 2007, we launched our new dog chew at a small pet fair in Bellingham, Washington creating a new category in the industry, thus changing the dog chew class significantly.

By 2016, we became a leader in the industry as we expanded out into other pet catatgories, transforming our company from a single product oriented business to a pet supply company. We now offer retailers not just a single chew, but treats, toys and gear as well. We’ve set our sights on outfitting your whole pack and becoming the top most trusted brand pet in the pet industry.


Himalayan Corporation aspires to become the most prominent company in the pet industry while maintaining and building our reputation for innovative, healthy and high quality products.

We will fuel growth through building our reputation by continuing to honor and integrate time tested traditions and creative innovation.


Treating one another with utmost respect – Provide exceptional customer service – Produce and sell products of the highest quality- maximize savings, satisfaction and value for our customers.

Why We Do What We Do:

1. Because we believe that farmers are the foundation of our global community, we do it for the farmers. It’s for the Farmers


The heart of our company started in Nepal with small family farms. Those farms are thriving in ew ways today because ten years of our innovative thinking has lead to industry changing treats and chews. No one else does what we do. By building on tradition and giving back- we’re outfitting your pack- for every adventure.

We now proudly partner with a third generation dairy farm in Washington State, producing 10 million pounds of milk per month and over 124 million pounds per year just for Himalayan Pet Supply.

2. We care about tradition and progress- we envision a better future-for the progression of human development, the need to have healthier lives for our families and pets.

Because we have a desire for human progression and economic growth, we answer the call with world-wide innovation which helps to improves lives of women and children In Nepal, by donating 100% of our profits from our Loom toys to the Women’s Skills Development Center (wsdonepal.com). WSDO works to empower the disadvantaged women of Nepal by teaching them skills so they can become self-supporting and independent.

3. We believe pets and people are better together; it’s what inspires us to continue to develop industry leading pet products!


There’s a need for our families and pets to have healthier lives….. pets can make us healthier! Anyone who lives with a cat or a dog will tell you how much love there is to be found in this man/woman-beast relationship. The loving touch of a furry family member at the end of a long, tough day is hard to beat. With their unconditional love Fluffy and Fido bring happiness to their human “litter-mates”, and vice-versa.

People who have one or more pets in their homes are said to lead happier lives, are considerably healthier, live longer and weigh less than those who don’t! Pet owners heal better after surgery and have reduced factors for cardiovascular disease. Those are pretty good reasons to be a pet owner right there but that’s not why we need and have pets in our lives. The American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians explains the bond that we have with our pets as “a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship.