Green Coast Pet

Our Story

After working together for over a year at a small start up pet company, Mike and Nick saw a need in the pet industry

and began building Green Coast Pet.


As they would walk around industry trade shows they began to see the explosion of how hemp was being used for pets. Knowing a bit about hemp and how it has been being used for humans and seeing how it has helped family members and close friends, Mike and Nick knew there was a better way to deliver hemp to pets than what was being offered.

That began a year long process that included meeting with the top manufactures and suppliers in the industry and ultimately led to the launch of our inaugural hemp products: Hemp + SuperBlend in Chicken and Whitefish Flavors and our Hemp + MSM Edible Peanut Butter Flavored Paste.


While Mike and Nick were building and researching the hemp products they wanted to make sure they had a product to offer everyone, even if their pet wasn’t in need of a hemp-based solution so they wanted to make sure they developed a unique but fun treat line-up as well. They had both given peanut butter to their dogs in the past and knew their pets loved it but there was no healthy alternative made with pets in mind so they decided to start their treat line there with Pawnut Butter. It is a super unique blend of peanuts and flaxseed and they were careful to make sure that there were no added ingredients beyond that. As Green Coast Pet continues to grow, they keep coming up with new and fun ideas so make sure to visit us often and sign up for our newsletters to see what’s cooking!