Arlee Pet Products

This is Our Story

“A great pet bed is made from more than just fabric and stuffing.” It comes from people who care about the quality of the beds they make and the animals who sleep on them as much as you love your pet. Every day, over 150 proud American workers walk thru the doors at the Arlee Pet Products’ factory in West Plains, MO, where the family run company started over 40 years ago.  Arlee maintains quality control standards that exceed industry norms from lock stitched seams to hidden zippers to fabrics cut on the bias, all to improve the products durability and your pets enjoyment.  Arlee also produces every item with careful consideration to reduce pollution; from filling and stuffing beds with fiber made from 100% repurposed plastics to orthopedic and memory foam made exclusively in the USA to packaging materials and shipping cartons from regenerated corrugate.  This attention to detail along with the company’s loyal and experienced American workers is what makes an Arlee Pet Product of superior quality for you and your pet to enjoy for a long time to come.