Mosaic is the number one industry leading dog treat brand for USA-Sourced Exotic Proteins. Our Exotic Proteins include USA Ostrich, USA Alligator, Wild-Caught Octopus, and many others!

Mosaic is one of the most trusted consumables brands throughout the global pet industry, especially when it comes to the exotic & novel protein sector. To serve a greater purpose for the future of animal health & wellness, we took an oath to never use the byproducts of any common proteins, such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb and other common proteins, in any of our Mosaic consumables.

Our exotic proteins are pioneering the novel protein sector for the global pet industry. We only use the most trusted USDA-Certified sources and best practices when responsibly harvesting the unique animals.

As the Mosaic brand grows, we are increasing the population of these exotic animals, and giving back to several major causes to help change the world for the better.