Whole Carcass Ground Mouse, 1 lb Fine Ground

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Includes the entire mouse, hide, stomach, and intestine. Nothing removed. Fine ground, 1 lb bags

An ideal whole prey food source for cats and ferrets

How much taurine does a whole mouse carcass have, since it is a natural prey of cats and ferrets? A typical mouse will contain 2.4 mg/g taurine or (for better comparison with the other values: 100 g would contain 240mg]

1 Ounce = 28.3495231 Grams

1 Gram = 1000 Milligrams

4 ounces of ground mouse would equal over 2400 mg taurine Recommended values of taurine for an adult cat is 2500 mg per day.

Taurine figures are that of a fresh mouse. There have been some studies that show taurine levels will decrease from freezing. This is an approximate analysis and NOT a guaranteed analysis.

An adult mouse is roughly 67 percent water, has a calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of 1.1:1, has 3 percent carbohydrates, consists of about 57 percent crude protein, and contains 23 percent fat.

Possibly natures ideal cat food!

It takes 15 adult mice for 1 lb of ground mouse. Feeder mice have been in extremely high demand, as well as an increase in feed costs to raise the mice, which has drastically raised prices.

Whole Carcass fiber has shown to be beneficial in diets, but high fiber may lead to lower amounts of pancreatic enzymes.

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