Green Coast Pet eLICKSer Calming Peanut Butter 16oz

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Our Lickable Actives line of functional peanut butters provide the perfect and most delicious way to deliver your supplement. 

This comes in a 16oz jar and can be up to a 1 month supply.

The Lickable Actives- Calming formula contains only peanuts and L-Theanine. Theanine is found in tea leaves. This tasty formula is perfect at mealtime, in a stuffable toy, or just off of a spoon!


Inactive Ingredients:  Ground Peanuts

Active Ingredients per seving (1oz): L-Theanine: 45mg

Directions for Daily Use


5-25 Lbs-  1/2 oz (1 tbls)

25-50 Lbs- 1 oz (2 tbls)

50-75 Lbs- 1 1/2 oz (3 tbls)

Over 75 Lbs- 2 oz (4 tbls)


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