Dazzling Rescue Me Necklace 1062

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Dazzling Paws Jewelry has been in the dog-rescue trenches for years. That’s why our Rescue ME paw print pendant is a pet jewelry piece dear to our hearts: It was created to honor and thank all of those people whose hard work goes into dog rescue. We hear amazing and inspirational stories about both sides: People saving and rehabilitating dogs, as well as cats and other animals; and dogs rescuing people on land and in water, as well detecting danger and disease. The training takes countless hours and intense dedication (and can sometimes seem thankless), but the truth is that good deeds paid forward come back to reward your life in wonderful ways!

The Rescue ME paw print charm highlights a ribbon in the powerful style adopted by many advocacy groups to symbolize awareness or support. The left strand of the ribbon (when facing the charm) is accented with a diamond-like design for added bling. Below the loop in the ribbon is our signature paw print featuring an upside-down heart as the main paw pad. The slide and soft curves of the Rescue ME paw print pendant allow for it to lie perfectly with any necklace.

  • Rescue ME charm is accented with a diamond-like design to show how valuable rescued animals and animal rescue workers are to us.
  • A percentage of all sales from our Rescue ME pendant will be donated to animal rescue groups and animal shelters across the United States.
  • If you have a rescued dog or rescued cat, our Rescue ME charm will be a treasured piece of paw print jewelry.
  • Makes a memorable gift for animal rescue and animal shelter workers.
  • Made from Recycled Sterling Silver and marked .925.
  • 100% handmade in the USA.
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