Critter Harmony Fleece Ball Tug

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Bungee Yo-Yo dog tug toy. Handcrafted from high quality materials using a commercial sewing machine in my home. Fleece is reclaimed. Quality made in Boise, USA. Tubular webbing and flat bungee resists breakage. Reclaimed fleece lined handle for comfort.

Your dog is going to go crazy for this! Great for tugging and slingshotting. Soft toy to give their teeth a break and add some variety to their toy game.

No 2 toys are exactly the same because they are handmade with reclaimed fleece and it may be different than the pictures 

Fleece Ball is approximately 4"
Fleece lined handle is approximately 6" long
Bungee is about 12" and stretches to approximately 24”
Overall length at rest is 24”, when stretched is approximately 36”

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