Idahound Rabbit Hare Balls 1lb

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Idahound’s Hare Balls are a raw rabbit meat and organ blend, which contain only the animal and its internal organs (minus the intestines). They are formulated as a complete and balanced diet for adult cats.  Like all of our foods, Idahound’s Hare Balls contain only premium, grassfed cuts and whole organs because we butcher, process and package everything ourselves.

We were inspired to create this product for two reasons: customers asking for cat food and others requesting a meat-only product. We’ve also wanted to do something with rabbit for a while because it’s an amazingly-sustainable protein with a very low carbon footprint compared to that of other livestock. Our independent supplier raises them in Mountain Home, Idaho, where he also tends to a small farm and a flock of chickens. Know who makes your cat’s food.

For those looking for the truly holistic option, we’ve come pretty close. Since rabbit bones are small we can grind them into the food, making the calcium content as “evolutionary” as possible. The organs also remain with each animal upon processing. A whole animal, broken down for your feeding convenience.

We should add that rabbit tends to be a great option for highly allergic dogs and cats, as many pets haven’t been sensitized, or exposed, to the protein before. So if you’re looking for our most sustainable and unique product, here it is!

Ingredients: coarsely ground grass-fed rabbit (meat and bone), grass-fed rabbit heart, grass-fed rabbit liver, grass-fed rabbit spleen, grass-fed rabbit kidney.

Distribution (by weight): 90% meat, 7% organ,  3% bone


Guaranteed Analysis

Calories: per oz. 37.6
Carbohydrates: 2.22%
Moisture (max): 69.3%

Crude Fat (min): 5.6%
Crude Protein (min): 18.4%
Crude Fiber (max): 0.2%

Calcium: 1.8%
Phosphorus: 0.9%
Sodium: 0.07%
Vitamin A: IU/kg: 450

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