Browning Dog Training Dummy

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Our Browning Dog Training Dummies set the bar for hunting dog training, featuring a rugged, soft-grip vinyl material and a textured surface to encourage a soft-mouth. Our training dummies feature a leak-proof design, ensuring they will hold-up during water-training sessions or field-use. The floating foam inner and throw rope make this Browning dog training dummy the perfect training accessory for both the water and the field. While most dog training dummies include just a throw rope, these Browning dog training dummies feature a rubber ball in addition to a durable throw rope for easier grip and a more precise and effective throw. Our dog training dummies come in three different colors, each with their own unique purpose in training a sporting dog. Whether it be high visibility, a strobe effect or a blind retrieve, our dummy is designed for all of your training needs. We offer both a small dog training dummy and a large dog training dummy for use with dogs of all ages and sizes.

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