EAZEE Grooming

Why do we call it the Better Deshedder?


Unlike ordinary metal deshedding tools, the Eazee features a composite plastic comb with smooth, rounded teeth. So there are no sharp edges that can scratch you or your pet.

Our Difference


Thanks to Eazee’s unique design, there’s no risk of pulling live hair. So your pet will enjoy being groomed every day.

Our Difference

Easier to use.

Eazee’s precisely balanced head and contoured handle make deshedding your pet a breeze. To dispose of the loose hair you’ve collected, just pull the button back to eject. Because the tool is constructed from materials with anti-static properties, the hair will slide off.

Our Difference

More effective.

This ingenious tool is designed to remove 100% dead hair and 0% live hair. It comes with two reversible combs. The white comb is designed for daily grooming of thin or thick hair. The black comb is intended for more intense grooming. One tool is all you need!

Our Difference