Dr Becker Bites

Why Pets Love Dr. Becker's Bites

Dogs and cats are domesticated carnivores. The dog and wolf are genetically identical... in fact, both share the same species name – Canis Lupis. Cats are even more carnivorous (obligate carnivores) than dogs, and all carnivores eat meat. Yet only a small handful of dogs and cats receive the species appropriate diet their digestive systems are designed for.  Most dogs and cats are allergic to grain because their digestive systems simply are not made to process grain.

The top pet food manufacturers know this, but producing a single protein food or treat made from pure meat is expensive. For cost purposes, companies will use “fillers”, normally some type of grain with a fancy title like "Organic" or "Natural", which can make up to 75% or more of the end product.  But grain is grain and gluten is gluten, regardless of what title you give it.  Just before packaging, they “Top Coat” the treat with animal fat. This layer of fat provides the only source of flavor in a grain-based diet and/or treat and without it, dogs and cats would not willingly eat it. Basically, health is compromised for cost.   

Knowing that your pet is a carnivore, would you choose to feed a living, fresh, healthy, species appropriate treat or a processed, grain-based, nutrient deficient treat?  You would choose living foods!  Our treats are liver based from beef, bison, venison, and lamb, all of which are USDA human grade or organic.  With only ONE ingredient, it just doesn't get any more "all-natural" than that!