Boredom Busters Licking Mat Delight

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Slow Feeder / Licking Mat
Delight - Blue

Dimensions: 7.75" x 7.75"
Made of flexible rubber.

Boredom Busters Delight licking mat is a versatile show-stopper that will leave your dog cheering for more. Featuring robust square sections, the Delight is ideal for chunky food and treats. Try cutting up chicken, pork, beef, or your favorite veggies and soft fruit. Place the Delight in the freezer for a variety of frozen treats that will draw rave reviews.

  • Use with treats or food to reward and entertain your pet
  • Licking eliminates boredom and reduces anxiety
  • Promotes calm behavior when stressed (thunder, fireworks, etc)
  • Extra saliva generated during licking aids digestion
  • Stimulates mental health with licking activity
  • Scientifically developed for both dogs and cats
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