Big Tether Tug

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The BIG Tether Tug is designed for endless pulls, tugs, twists and spins with large dogs weighing 70 lbs or more. The ultimate in Tether Tugs, the BIG Tether Tug is the strongest version ever made. Nearly 40% thicker than the Medium Tether Tug, and 30% stronger than the previous model— it’s made for the biggest, strongest dogs over 70 lb. 

Our unique design allows your big dog to move 360 degrees around the Tether Tug pole as it bends and flexes. Attach any of our popular tug toys and attachments (sold separately) to the tether rope (included) and give your dog a variety of playtime options.

What's Included:

Order the BIG Tether Tug and you'll get everything your dog needs to start tugging:

  • 1 x BIG Tether Tug Pole with Large Locking Clip
  • 1 x 18" Outdoor Base (New & Improved for Better Stability!)
  • 1 Rope Tug Toy
  • Installation Instructions

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